The all new website for IVH yellow Pages Now Live

The official website for IVH Yellow Pages is now Live (on which you are probably reading this). The website went live today, 12th September 2014, after it was upgraded from its initial coming soon/preview state (shown below) which was setup in 2013.


The initial URL which was at has now been changed to, though the old URL now redirects to the new website when accessed. You can try it out by clicking on the highlighted link of the old website, above. The new website was developed to serve as an extension to the print edition of the Yellow Pages.

It features virtually everything you can find on the print edition, except for a few that are exclusively for the print format, though the website also comes with its own exclusive features too, such as this blog section on which you are reading this now, a business rating, commenting and review system, a map and directions system for locating businesses/organizations physically around you, video embed support for subscribed businesses and many others. This website currently gives you instant accessibility to businesses and organizations, fun spots, government establishment etc., within Lekki and Ajah region for now, though an expansion plan to cover other regions in the works (also applicable to the print edition).


Technical Details

The website has been developed with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 specification, incorporating JavaScript to add some subtle effects. Its 100% responsive, as so works perfectly on any of your mobile device with no feature missing, so you can access it on the go, whenever, wherever.  The website uses a well-structured and rock solid backend architecture that scales nicely so as to make it accessible to as many users as possible, all at the same time, without slowing down your use of the site.

The website is here to stay, so you can start exploring it to discover for yourself and gain access to several businesses and organizations around your region. You can start by clicking on the home link above and explore from there.

If you want to contact us for complaints, suggestions or enquiries, call 08080808763 or click on the letter icon on the bottom right of your screen now.

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